The cornerstones of D-Sig’s security solution are the use of strong cryptographic algorithms and cryptographic hardware devices.

Cryptographic algorithms such as Encryption and Digital Signatures keep data secure, ensuring that it can be trusted.







D-Sig Certification Authority

The D-Sig Data Security solution ensures that sensitive data is protected at all times.  As much as possible of the processing takes place within secure cryptographic hardware devices. At all other times data is protected by being digitally signed and encrypted.

D-Sig Certification Authority

To make all of this work, D-Sig Certification Authority issues security credentials.  These are in the form of digital certificates for the private keys held within the cryptographic co-processors and cloud servers, as well as other types of certificates to provide fine-grained control over data access. 

The D-Sig Certification Authority will be customised to enforce the existing Data Security Policy and protocols of your organisation, for example by setting the password rules for accessing the cryptographic devices and private keys.

D-Sig flexibility and reliability

D-Sig Data Security provides a full endpoint-to-endpoint data security solution; and makes extensive use of cryptographic hardware, both to protect private keys, and to run trusted software algorithms.

It includes a flexible, built-in, Certification Authority that makes the solution both easy to install and easy to manage.

Using a 5G network in a Private cloud, whilst optional, allows real time data monitoring and processing to optimise performance levels at a much lower cost than using a Public Cloud.

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With the advent of private 5G networks, new opportunities are now presenting themselves for improving product quality and production efficiency, and for maintaining environmental compliance. For instance, remote locations can now be connected in real time using low cost, low power, sensors connected over 5G. This means that an entire production area, such as a chemical works, can be covered with a single 5G mast, enabling vast amounts of data to be collected and processed. Machine learning algorithms can be implemented and acted upon in real-time. Summary data can also be sent to the cloud for further data processing.

The D-Sig IoT module of D-Sig Data Security sits directly within the private 5G network, allowing for real-time data processing, e.g. machine learning, and message forwarding to a secured cloud. D-Sig Cloud provides the secure cloud allowing for remote data access as well as possibilities for connection to data analytics and other business systems.


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Sophisticated Use Cases

  • Process optimisation
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Better error detection


5G Provides

  • Enhanced mobile broadband
  • Reliable, low latency communications
  • Multi-gigabit data rates
  • Machine learning and AI possibilities

Chemical Production







Monitoring Use Cases

  • Air & Water Quality
  • Waste Discharge
  • Product Quality
  • Stock Tank Levels

A single 5G mast can cover and entire production area, enabling remote low cost, low-powered sensor measurements. Read More