Automotive Cyber-Security

Automotive Cyber-Security

Automotive Cyber-Security

In 2022, vehicles are becoming increasingly connected to the internet, therefore, automotive hacking is becoming more prominent throughout the world. Automotive hacking refers to the ways in which hackers can exploit weaknesses in an automobile’s software, hardware and communication systems in order to gain unauthorised access.

Modern vehicles contain a large number of software programmable Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that control both the vehicle’s functions and safety. Many automobiles are also connected to central servers through the internet which can be vulnerable to attacks.

In 2015, the DEF CON hacking conference demonstrated that a chain of exploits could result in taking complete control of a vehicle. The vehicle could be remotely controlled with an iPhone, making it possible to install a backdoor that allowed persistent access and control of the vehicle.

Additionally, a 2019 study found that 84% of automotive manufacturers worry that their current cybersecurity programs aren’t keeping up with the technology they support. It’s vulnerabilities like these that are important to protect and secure, preventing automobiles from potential compromises.

Digital Signatures

It is imperative to install the correct software builds in the appropriate ECUs and maintain them over time. There can be many thousands of different software builds depending on vehicle models, model years and added options. Therefore, it is important to protect and maintain these software builds over time.

D-Sig’s solution is to allow the suppliers of the ECU software to digitally sign each software build and to securely transfer these to the vehicle manufacturer. This protects the software from both unauthorised access and modification.

The usefulness of Digital Signatures is that they can detect changes to data, as the data and signature will no longer match. Compromise of the data results in an alert sent to the recipient.

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