D-Sig designs cyber-security products to protect industrial data from cyber-attack.  Our systems make use of strong cryptographic algorithms and cryptographic hardware to protect data throughout its lifecycle.


Your data is completely protected, from endpoint-to-endpoint, rather than from point-to-point.  All data processing takes place within fully secure computing resources.  From creation until eventual disposal, data is never left unprotected, leaving no areas of weakness for a hacker to attack.

Secure Data Connectors


D-Sig Data Connectors are software components that are deployed to servers and/or the cloud to enable secure communication between data endpoints

Secure Data Endpoints


D-Sig Data Endpoints are user client and device applications that act as secure data sources and secure data recipients

D-Sig Certification Authority


D-Sig Certification Authority issues security credentials for private keys held within the cryptographic co-processors, as well as other types of certificates that provide fine-grained control over data access